Law firm Marketing Guide -2020

SEO and PPC can change the marketing game for Law Firms

Law firms have so much going on that they often forget an important function, i.e., law firm marketing. When done correctly marketing can multiply the number of clients that law firms get and also help them recruit quality legal talent. Legal firms that manage to pay some amount of attention to marketing often rely on traditional marketing techniques, which these days have become partly obsolete unless used in combination with digital marketing. Every industry these days is reaping the benefits of digital marketing, especially since the pandemic has begun, so why not law firms?

By implementing digital marketing practices, law firms can reach a wider client base and generate quality leads. While digital marketing encompasses several components like social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, etc. law firm marketing strategies can especially benefit from SEO and PPC.SEO and SEM Result

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Organic Result) and helps your website and content show up when someone makes a relevant search. PPC (Paid Result) on the other hand stands for Pay Per Click Advertising where advertisers pay the search engines a small amount to show up in the top 3 results when a search is made. Both SEO and PPC come under the umbrella of SEM, which is Search Engine Marketing. SEM comprises paid and unpaid digital marketing tactics that help your pages and business show up when someone is looking for a service, in this case, a law firm or a criminal law attorney, etc.

By now, you might have gotten the idea that digital marketing is much more complicated than traditional marketing and require experts to handle it. People often invest millions into SEO and PPC without proper knowledge but see no results.

If your law firm would like to reap the fruits of SEO and PPC, our suggestion is to hire experts who specialize in law firm marketing services to do the job for you. This is where experts like RANKWAVES come in. It would free up your time to focus on your legal services, while we take care of your marketing bit.

Making the shift towards digital marketing

Traditional marketing strategies include advertising through print media, the yellow pages or phone book, television or radio ads, advertising on billboards, circulating business ads, and even relying on word of mouth. While people still consume these different forms of ads, it is very likely that when someone comes across an ad on the TV or radio, their next step would be to Google more about it. It reinforces what we mentioned earlier, i.e. traditional marketing and digital marketing work in tandem with each other. 

Traditional & Digital Marketing

If a prospective client hears about you from some source but does not find a good online presence, the chances are high that they will not consider your services reliable. This is where SEO and PPC come in. 

Making this shift from traditional to digital marketing is not all that difficult if done correctly. The most important steps that must be done during this shift are as follows:

  • Develop a fully functional website
  • Optimize your websites to appear in the SERP
  • Advertise your services using PPC so that your services show up for the most relevant queries
  • Establish a social media presence
  • Develop personal brands for your attorneys
  • Leverage your online presence to attract talent
  • Track and analyze conversions

While creating an online presence seems easy at face value, digital marketing is evolving every single day. It is advisable to hire specialized agencies to take care of this function as staying up-to-date with trends is something that they take care of. 

Let us look at each of the steps mentioned previously and how law firms can benefit from them.

Why should your law firm have a fully functional website?

When someone looks for a business online, the first thing that they expect is for the company to have a website. Law firms that have a website are considered more reliable and reputed when they have a website while their competitors don’t. Since you do not know the kind of people that would be visiting your website (based on the nature of law), the website that you develop must be such that everyone must be able to navigate through it without any difficulty.

Law firm Web Design


Your website must have a professional appearance to show that your firm takes their job seriously, and this can be achieved by the way your website looks. The images, videos, text, etc. should all match the tone of your firm and must be optimized in a way that every single button on your page is clickable.

While creating a website, many people forget to look at their website as a whole and focus only on the landing page. We would like to reiterate that “every single page on your website is important.” While the landing page mostly talks about what the firm is all about, it is important to provide more.

Once the main pages have been taken care of, legal firms can benefit immensely by adding blogs to their websites as they can answer the most common questions in law on their blogs.

How can you optimize your website for a better user experience and a higher ranking on the SERP?

Now once your website is created, next comes the user experience. When a prospective client arrives at a website, they expect information to show up. If that does not happen within 3 seconds, they are very likely to click the back button and look for an alternative to your services. Just like that, your client goes to your competitor because your page didn’t load on time. No one would want that to happen, would they?

This is where search engine optimizers come in to ensure that 

  • Your pages and the images and videos load on time
  • Your pages are optimized for the mobile-first experience
  • Every button on your page is clickable and takes your lead through the sales funnel to conversion
  • Ensuring that your pages are crawled by search engines so that they show up on the SERP
  • Strategically place keywords so that your pages show up for the most relevant searches

When searchers search the search engine, the search engine shows the most relevant results on the search engine results page. While you may have heard that SEO is about keywords, there is a lot more to it than keyword stuffing. Search engines might often not show your page to searchers because of excessive use of keywords. So, where is the balance? The balance comes from focusing on the user experience than merely focusing on ranking. 

Law firm SEO ensures that people get their queries answered through your page by using specific SEO tactics.

Can PPC help your page show up at the top in the SERP?

Once your website is all set up and optimized, the next step that law firms can benefit from immensely is PPC advertisements. Search engine advertisements are the most common type of PPC and yield maximum results.

Google Paid ads Result

As the name suggests, Pay Per Click advertising is such that every time someone clicks on your ad, the advertiser has to pay. The amount that law firms need to pay is comparatively higher than other industries but compared to the revenue generated through conversions this amount might seem a lot less.

Based on the services they provide, the keywords for the services, and the search volumes, law firms can bid on terms that can help their ads rank at the top. The higher the ad rank, the lower the price that the advertiser has to pay. The picture below shows the number of times terms related to law firms and attorneys has been searched, which in turn shows the scope for law firms. A PPC expert can help law firms identify the terms that have low competition and could rank well.

Law firm Keyword research

If your page does not appear on the first page of the SERP, there are more than 50% chances that the searcher will not even look for it on the next page.

Why should your law firm have a social media presence?

Law firm fb page

The next place that a prospective client may look for you is on social media. While LinkedIn and Twitter would serve law firms best based on the nature of the work they are involved in, there are high chances that searches would click on the website link in the profile description. It brings us back to the importance of having a fully functional website for your law firm.

Why is personal branding for your attornies important?

Lawyer personal Branding

As the law is a service-based industry, when clients come to you, they often come because of the reputation that your attorneys have built. It is where lawyer marketing comes into play. While word of mouth is good, digital marketing requires attorneys to have their brands developed so that the clients know that they are in good hands. Again, social media is where developing a personal brand works best, especially on LinkedIn for law firms.

How can you leverage your online presence to attract quality legal talent?
Now, did you know that your website and social media presence could help you reach a wider talent pool and recruit the best of the attornies? A law firm can attract quality talent by simply introducing a careers page to its website and using platforms like LinkedIn to attract better talent.

Can you keep a track of the conversions that resulted from your SEO efforts and PPC?

With traditional marketing, it is difficult to analyze the number of people who came across your advertisement to the number who got converted. Digital marketing on the other hand, not only allows you to track conversions but also lets you determine the sources of the leads and the user activity. These analytics help you identify which sources have been working best for your firm and which haven’t.

Like all kinds of businesses, law firms that do not have an online presence and digital marketing strategies are soon to perish. Firms are soon going to realize how lead generation can get a boost using digital marketing and will make a shift towards it. Since law firms focus on their core business that is providing legal advice and services, outsourcing the digital marketing function would help them stay focused and save on a lot of costs to set up their team. It is best now to consult experts and make the shift when the competition is still relatively low.


If you feel that your law firm could benefit from digital marketing (which it definitely will) and you are convinced, get in touch with our team at Rankwaves and let us know your needs and requirements. We will help your firm up your digital marketing game through our SEO and PPC expertise.