Turn Potential International Customers into Profit

Why International SEO?

To reach out to an international audience and expand your business’s online presence, international SEO offers scalable and cost-effective strategies to grow and get target foreign market.

It’s important to recognize what it takes to efficiently plan resources and actions with the estimated time and opportunity.

How to identify the need for international SEO?

To identify your current international organic search, traffic, visibility and conversion, the first step is to find the answers of the following questions:

  • Which are the countries and languages that already provide organic search visibility and traffic?
  • What are the trends and volume of the organic search visibility from other language and countries?
  • What are the pages and keywords that attract organic search visibility and traffic for top identified international markets?
  • What is conversion rate and organic search CTR coming from the international markets?

What to Consider Before Going International?

SEO is not an “On-Off” project and needs continuous efforts, no company can support the luxury of having unlimited resources in every targeted country. Be it a global website face or multinational Fortune 100 company, local resources are very important.

The key to success is to have a pre-defined plan for the tasks and responsibilities allocated separately for the headquarters and the local offices like:

Technical resources: IT and web operations should be adequate.

Website data analysis: Reporting and identifying SEO opportunities should be well utilized.

Language resources: Content localization and optimization should be pre-defined.

Now, if you don’t have separate offices or representatives in multiple countries or don’t have resources to avail local offices; first decide if you want to hire one or multiple outside resources.

How to target a specific country?

Use the following checklist to target any specific country for your international SEO. It is useful to identify your basic requirement before starting:

  1. Use a country-specific domain
  2. Mention the specific targeted location in Google Search Console
  3. Take help of Google My Business to register your business address
  4. Street address of the business should be included on the website
  5. Try to host the website with local resources and look for its usability as SEO
  6. Get links from country-specific websites.
  7. Use local language(s).

The main objective is to send a clearer signal to Google, informing it about your location, targeted audiences and what is the purpose of your website content. Multiple signs can send different and clearer signal, so always try to include all the items on the checklist to gain success.

What does your international SEO strategy needs to include?

  1. Regulate uniformly your NAP information for easier distribution among listings.
  2. Register for a Google My Business Profile for every physical location.
  3. Research all online listings and add your standardized NAP information uniformly.
  4. Create all new social media profiles for your new locations.
  5. Customize your schematic profits to reflect aspects of your business.
  6. Add your new location as a point of interest to GPS devices and navigation apps.